French Doors

French Iron Doors

French doors are probably one of the most popular door options in America. It is classy, elegant and doesn’t cost a hefty amount of cash. There are many good reasons why a homeowner would want a French door. The transparent or translucent panels in the door are its signature feature that offers a lot of benefits. It gives a different kind of appeal wherein the view of the outside creates an illusion of having more space. It also offers controlled privacy by the use of curtains or depending on the type of glass used. French doors also offer access to natural lighting from the outside which gives a warm and cozy ambiance inside the home. This natural lighting promotes energy savings as well.

Here at USA Iron Doors, we took French doors to a whole new level. Our iron French doors offer the same benefits listed above with the addition of a sturdier and a more solid frame. The iron frame will provide better security and durability compared to the wooden counterpart. The 12-gauge iron frames filled with polyurethane foam will provide the door’s strength without making it too heavy. Unlike typical wooden French doors, custom iron French doors have more design options. You can add intricately bent, molded and shaped pieces of metal to add more appeal. You can have the design as simple as you want or as complicated and intricate as you want. Check out our selection of iron French doors; get the class and elegance of a French door without compromises.