Wrought Iron Church door build with pride in Los Angeles

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Iron Doors

This wrought iron Church door was built by USA Iron doors.com in our shop in Sun Valley California by Marat Kapukchyan and his crew which took over 100 man ours to build. It was built with 12 gage steel for the door jamb and door frame. We used a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) water jet machine to cut out the 3/4” solid steel crosses.
For the hinges we used pivot hinges in closed Rixson door closer which self closes the beautiful 500lb. wrought iron Church doors with a push of a finger then we gave the iron doors a 7 steep paint job that will hold up in the extreme weather conditions of Pittsburg PA.
We first sprayed them with zinc to help prevent rust then we gave the iron doors some Bondo filler which we sand down and make smooth. After the filler we spray it with epoxy primer and wait 6 hours for the epoxy primer to dry, then we spray them with a flat black epoxy paint and wait another 6 hours for that to dry.  Now the artist at USA iron door gives it our classic “copper look” faux finish. Finally, the clear coat is applied and dried.
To ship the doors we bubble wrapped and card boarded them then built a wood crate for the 6’ x 10’ gems. We then shipped them to the Church and I personally flew to Pittsburgh and had the privilege of personally installing them, the final installation took almost two full days.
USA iron doors builds iron doors that will last more than a normal life time, they are not only conversation pieces but breath taking works of art that inspire the mind and touches ones soul when looked at.


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